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Father's Day--June 21

To My Dad

The loving gifts you've given me
as a father
have shaped my life
and made me the person I am...
Your strong sense of values,
of fairness,
of right and wrong,
are all part of me...
My outlook on life...
my sense of humor...
my interests and talents...
I can see you in them all.
It makes me happy and proud
to know that the qualities in you
I love and admire so much
are a part of me.
You are always with me, Dad...
in my thoughts,
in my heart,
in the very fabric of my life...
you are always with me.

--Dorothy Colgan

Although a church service in Fairmont, West Virginia honored fathers in July, 1908, Father's Day is most frequently credited as originating in Spokane, Washington in 1909 where the celebration was to be focused on a church service as well as in the home. After gaining approval and support during that year, the first Father's Day observance in Spokane was the third Sunday of June, 1910.

News of the celebration spread slowly, and prior to learning of Spokane's proclamation, Chicago discussed, then abandoned, the idea of a Father's Day celebration in 1911. The Lion's Club became interested in 1915, and they brought about a Father's Day celebration in 1920.

President Woodrow Wilson officially endorsed Father's Day in 1916, and played a ceremonial roll in Spokane's celebration by pressing a button from his White House desk that unfurled a flag at a celebration in Spokane. Two presidents, Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge, were approached about issuing Presidential Proclamations, but both were aprehensive about commercialization of the day. Prior to the celebration becoming widespread, at least two bills were introduced in the House of Representatives to recognize the day and they also failed.

Today, Father's Day is still not an official holiday in all parts of the nation. However, most state governors each year proclaim that Father's Day will be observed on the third Sunday in June in their states. Father's Day is also celebrated in at least 20 foreign countries, although not necessarily on the same day.

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