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The source for information on these pages is The American Book of Days (Third Edition) by Jane M. Hatch, The H. W. Wilson Company, New York, 1978

I have attemped to compress a lot of information into a short dissertation, so if you find that I have misinterpreted the facts please let me know.

I am not by any definition of the term artistic. Although a few of the graphics on these pages are mine, most have been collected from throughout the web. The creators have asked that their images not be put into collections, but are free for use on non-commercial websites. Please honor this request. If you see a graphic or a background you like, copy it to your computer--do not link it directly to this site please. Give the author, not me, appropriate credit (although links to my site would be appreciated!). Credits will be given at the bottom of each page to make it more convenient for you to locate my source.

I'm new at this HTML stuff and this is my first attempt at making a web page. I try to keep up on my links, but if you find a link that doesn't lead anywhere, please let me know. Also if a location where I downloaded an object no longer exists I will indicate so on the page. I still intend, however, to give my source credit. If you know where one of these locations moved to, please email me and I will update my page. Thanks a lot.

If you authored something on my site and were not acknowledged, I apologize in advance. Let me know and I will give you appropriate credit or remove your graphic, whichever you prefer.

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