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Hello & Welcome!

I have always loved holidays. They were an excuse
to make something special out of otherwise ordinary days.
These pages are dedicated to Holidays--
the traditional ones as well as the more obscure ones.
They contain entertaining graphics as well as background information
about the holiday itself and/or how it's current method of celebration
came into being.

Thrown into the mix will be things that I feel like talking about or that are important to me. Hopefully there will be a few surprises...(grin)

Although my intentions are to add one or two pages per week to this site, I have Multiple Sclerosis, so this may not be possible. If you see that pages are not being added, know that I haven't given up--just that I'm not feeling well enough to work on them. The construction process will be ongoing and pages will be added as often as I can, so please bookmark the page and come back.

This site was designed with Internet Explorer, but I've gone back through and tried to make it Netscape-friendly. I'll continue to make some more font size changes. I hope it helps...

Most of the pages have music, but none are hidden so if you choose to view the page without the music you can turn it off in the upper left corner of the page.

These pages last updated on September 19, 1998.

Questions or Comments? email me!

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