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Top 10 Things to Do with Your Graduation Cap...
Besides Insulating Your Parents' Attic
Graduation's over.
You've adjusted your tassel and tossed your cap
(and perhaps your cookies). Now what?
Well, you could hang the tassel off of your rearview mirror,
but that's so old. Get jiggy with it:
Your Cap Tips: planter with books atop; posture aid lamp shade (flammable). Your Tassel Tips: keyboard-cleaning mop;
tree ornament; kite tail; in place of Q-tip "for all kinds of things"; between-the-toes towel; string for ceiling fan; bikini thong;
dental floss; fake sneeze snot; bookmark;
"hook on your pants"; attach mini-glasses & bowler hat,
and voila--Cousin It; Beanie Baby--Have One?

    10. Painter's palette--For use in your gritty downtown loft. And when you cut off your ear, you can't wear hats anymore anyway.
    9. Frisbee--Careful with those sharp corners--you could poke an eye out!
    8. Wear upside down and collect rain water--Nothing else to do with your time, since you haven't lined up a job.
    7. Satellite dish/TV antenna--Oh, that's what Buffy the Vampire Slayer looks like.
    6. Village People costume--The construction worker, the motorcycle cop, and... the graduate.
    5. Chip 'n' dip holder--For those post-grad fiestas.
    4. Chakra (Xena-esque throwing weapon)--Helpful tool if you plan on climbing the corporate ladder.
    3. Trendy money-maker--Grind up and sell at raves as a Smart Drug, or use as secret ingredient in Pomp 'n' Hops Microbrew.
    2. Portable blackboard--Good place to write the daily specials at your waiter job.
    1. Student loan repayment--Shake cap and repeat the following: "Brother, can you spare a dime?"

Bonus: Top 3 Things to Do with Your Tassel
    3. Funky hair extension.
    2. New ornament for your pierced tongue, nose, navel, eyebrow, or other.
    1. Six words: Pin the Tail on the Alum.

Taken from Kaplan Educational Center's web page
Check them out--lots of good info there!

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